Thursday, January 9, 2014

9/365 photoblog: Body Wash

One thing that I look forward to the most when I get home from work is taking a bath. Since I travel for almost 3 hours and do a lot of walking, I unfortunately absorb a lot of dust and dirt. I can't imagine myself lying down on the bed without cleaning up first. Eeewww.

What I look forward to the most though is using these body wash that were given to me last Christmas by a friend. Its Water Lily and Lavander (my favorite scent) and it simply helps me relax right before I go to sleep.

If someone were to give me a basket of body wash, it would definitely make me smile but since Unilever has already sent me a basket of goodies, I'll just have to head over to Marks and Spencer next time and get me a lot of these Lavander and Milk body wash.

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