Sunday, January 26, 2014

NamNam: Filipino Comfort Food

When my friend and I met for lunch at Greenbelt 2 last Friday, we went around the place to look for a place to eat. I wanted to eat somewhere I haven't tried yet and she pointed this place to me. She said that this was featured on KrisTV and since I wanted to keep an open mind, I said that I was willing to give it a try.

I loved the interior of the place as well as the colors. It was very cool to the eyes and the wood embellishments were a real eye pleaser.

I loved that they have sizes you can choose from so that you won't order too much. I also liked that the prizes were very reasonable. My friend and I ended up getting 3 viands and 1 big plate of rice.

We had the lamb adobo. The vinegar taste was definitely present but it wasn't overpowering. It brought the taste of the lamb out which was complemented by the sweetness of the adobo. It was divine.

We also had the sizzling corned beef and the potato garnish on it made it perfect. Seriously. The fried potatoes was just right for the sizzling corned beef.

However, for me, this was the hands down winner of NamNam. This is the Kangkong na Bulaklak ng Kalabasa with tofu. GAH! I'm not even a fan or tofu and I truly enjoyed this.

It was simply so so so good.

The best part of all of these was that our bill was only Php568. Yes. It was cheap. I looovvveeeee it!

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