Monday, January 27, 2014


Last Saturday, we were lucky to have been part of the group invited to try what Paradizoo had to offer. This January to March, they have what they call the Power of 3 which is their Floral, Veggies, and Livestock Showcase.

We toured the place and I simply fell in love with the beauty of it. The flowers were gorgeous, the landscape was simply stunning, and the animals were very nice. B had so much fun riding the small horse and petting the animals. 

I love that the place had a venue for weddings and parties. It also had an orchidarium and a tent for veggies on display. However, the most unique part would definitely be the pet cemetery where beloved pets who have passed away can be laid to rest. Definitely, this is a zoo paradise and Paradizoo is simply living up to its name.

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