Monday, January 13, 2014

13/365 photoblog: Bedtime Stories

B asked me to read to him again last Saturday and since I was out sick, I decided that now would be the best time to start again. He opted to have me read pages from Harry Potter which he is currently reading.

Yes, B is already reading Book 3 of the Harry Potter series. I'm such a proud Momma. I also prepared his milk which I haven't done for quite some time and we did a few spelling tests because he wanted to test his spelling skills.

My boy is such a geek like his Mom.

PS. The moon was so beautiful tonight that I just had to share it.

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  1. Wow...reading at an early age will definitely boost his vocabs... i started reading full books when I was 11 and the first series where the lion, thw witch and the wardrobe...evrsince then i got hooked.


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