14/365 photoblog: Perfectly Imperfect

This is my Moonleaf Planner. I felt the need to personalize it to make it more ME and to remind me about life. It goes on. It always goes on.

I also chose the words PERFECTLY IMPERFECT because I need to remember that I am not perfect but I am perfect with all my imperfections. Lately, someone posted something hurtful. This person insinuated that I was a bad person and I was ... the keyword here is that I WAS a bad person but I have learned my lessons and have been learning from it to become a better person ... to be more good. It's just sad that this person doesn't see it or refuses to see it.

I realized though that the only person who matters is me. How I see myself and what I think of myself is what is more important. I need to save myself before I can save anyone else. This is why I personalized my journal/planner. I need to be reminded that I am not perfect ... and it is okay.