Monday, August 6, 2012

Starbucks Date

I am such a fan of Starbucks and their mugs which I collect that I cannot believe that FM and I have never really had a coffee date at Starbucks. Sure, we've ordered coffee and sat down for a bit but never really gone there to spend quality time with each other.

Since I was curious abou the branch of SB at The Grove Rockwell, FM took me there. We were initially supposed to have lunch at one of the restos there but ended up just having coffee instead.

I liked it. I liked how we can just around, not talk, sipping our coffee, hold hands, and be comfortable with each other. After almost 5 months of being together, we have finally gotten to that place where we could be comfortable in silence.

He likes Frappes and I like my coffee hot and piping. We're opposites of each other but we almost always get along. I say almost always because there are times that we need to give way to the other since what he likes, at times, I hate. :)

While there, I saw that SB had two new pastries and of course, I did not let the opportunity pass by. I ordered both and we tried it. FM loved the Rocky Road Cake and I loved the Mocha Sansrival. It was both so good and I'm happy that the Rocky Road Cake was a moist cake because FM does not like sponge cake.

Rocky Road Cake Slice Php140

Mocha Sansrival Php95
It was a very good date in my opinion because eventhough it was only at Starbucks, FM and I managed to have quality time together.


  1. yiiieee how sweet! :)

  2. Haven't tried the sansrival and the mocha cake. I always order the cinnamon roll or the cheesecake.haha. Haven't been to The Grove, ok ba?

    1. yes it is. 2 restos nga lang pero SB is really nice there


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