Monday, August 27, 2012


I've wanted to eat here ever since I saw this a few months ago. Finally, I was able to try it last night with FM's family since he invited me to have dinner with them. I've been pretty curious as to what Singapore cuisine is like and I hoped that this place will satisfy my queries.

FM and his family ordered a lot and luckily, I was able to try almost everything. Apologies that there will be no price listed but I can definitely say that each plate is around Php200-Php300. The desserts are around Php100.

To start off, the crab and corn soup was tasty and sweet, just the way I liked my cab and corn soup.

The pad thai was a little bit dry but the taste was just right. I  loved the fact that it had a lot of egg in it though I was told that most pad thai do not have egg in it. However, I liked that there was a lot of it.

The Sentosa Rice was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was just fried rice with shrimp and some sort of sauce. It wasn't memorable nor exciting. It didn't leave me wanting to eat more.

The walnut spareribs on the other hand definitely left me wanting to eat more and more and more.It was so good and super sweet. I really liked it.

The sizzling beef was a bit too peppery for me. It had too much of the spice but it was still pretty good.

The hands down favorite dish of the night however was the asparagus with scallops. The scallops were just right and the asparagus crunchy and really fresh. I loved it!

Overall, I wasn't disappointed with Sentosa. It was pretty good and I liked most of the dishes that were served. Thanks FM for inviting me to have dinner with your family.

6th Level Shangri-la Mall

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  1. Glad that you've tried Sentosa. :) Tried it a few months ago too. YOu should try Nasi Lemak too. :)


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