Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We were supposed to see each other on Saturday. We were not supposed to have lunch together today but because he misses me (according to him) he dropped by the office and we grabbed a quick lunch. :) Yes, I'm lucky that way.

We trooped to RCBC Plaza and headed to Mexicali which was located at the 2nd floor.

Since it was just a lunch date, we opted to get the quickie meals that they had. I got the Fried Chicken and FM got the Chicken Rice Bowl. Both items cost only Php99 each.

My meal was so-so in the sense that there was nothing special about it. In fact, the rice and the banana were downers because they were served cold. It was only the chicken that was hot and it was just your everyday ordinary chicken.

The chicken rice bowl on the other hand was pretty good considering the price. The rice was tasty and had personality, the chicken was cooked right and tasted like fajitas.

Overall, though the lunch was short, I really had fun and enjoyed my lunch date with the funny man. :) Thanks for the surprise. It was much appreciated. 


  1. I never had those. When I go to Mexicali, I always get the same: chili dog and nachos. :D I am ADDICTED to them.

  2. I love mexicali specially the burritos! :))

  3. Haven't tried Mexicali. I will soon. :)

  4. sarap ng food trip. Mexican style. enjoy my friend ()_()


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