Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Xin Wang HongKong Cafe

I've seen this place a couple of months ago and my family has actually eaten here. Sadly, I wasn't with them when they did so I was really happy when FM agreed to eat here a week ago with the kids.

In a nutshell, I loved the food, I hated the service. When I got there, I asked if there was already a table ready for us. I was told that yes, there was and it was just being cleaned. 15 minutes later, we were still waiting.

I had 4 hungry kids and one slightly tired funny man. I myself was pretty tired and hungry so I wasn't too happy. Still, I had my "I'll try to be nice" card so I asked nicely for the table. Thankfully, they sat us after 5 minutes. Overall, we waited for a table 20 minutes after we were told "it was just being cleaned."

It was a good thing that FM was in a good mood and could even pull pranks.

Finally, we ordered and though there were a couple of things they charged us but did not deliver and there were a few items not available, it was mostly uneventful.

We ordered some of their best sellers and when it comes to the taste of their food, luckily, they deliver.

Deep Fried Wanton Php105
This wanton was very crispy and the taste absolutely great. B actually finished 4 of these and mind you, he already had spareribs and a plate on his own. See below photo that B finished all by himself.

Luncheon Meat with Egg and Rice Php95
B also had some of the spareribs and I simply couldn't believe that so little a guy has such a big appetite.

Steamed Pork Spare Ribs Php95
K got the house specialty which was the Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet which is Php215.

I had a bite of this and it was really cheesy and good. The fish was soft and tasty, the cheese was not an overkill.

I ordered the HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken with Bamboo Rice Php195 and FM ordered the HK Steamed Pork Rib with Salted Fish Php175. 

Steamed Pork Rib

Mushroom Chicken and Bamboo Rice
FM didn't like the bamboo taste so much but found the dish overall satisfactory. I loved the bamboo flavor of the dish and the chicken was soft and chewy. I finished every single morsel that there was.

Overall, our dining experience at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe was pleasant and the food was good. It would have been perfect save for the minor lapses in service of the staff and the manager.

We're definitely coming back here to try their other food choices. 


  1. wow, yummy steamed prok ribs! and chicken bamboo! :))

  2. I saw this when I watched a concert a few months ago, pero closed na kaya we weren't able to try it. Maybe I'll try it soon. :)

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