Monday, August 6, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Now this is definitely a long overdue post. This is actually the last of my backlogs so bear with me. I'll post the back to back Fathers Day Celebration that we had this year; one with my side of the family and the other was FM's side of the family.

Our celebration was just at the factory (we have our own business) and since my Dad needed to attend to business needs, we just went there and had dinner. It was very simple but I'm happy that at least we were with my Dad on that day.

We bought food from Causeway and feasted on dim sum and other Chinese delicacies. I just love that FM gets along with all of them. It feels good to be with someone who is accepted by your family.

The day before, it was at Bakahan and Manukan for us to celebrate the men on FM's side who were already dads. There were 3 of them already - - - his Dad, himself, and his younger brother.

It was the first time we tried the place and we stuffed ourselves. It was pretty good but not something that will be on my top 10 favorites. The memories however are all crammed in my brain because FM had fun and was happy. 

As I say at times, better late than never. Here's how I spent Father's Day this year and I know that in the coming years, it will be how I will be spending it.

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