Wednesday, September 3, 2008

12 things men ought to RELEARN

I know that with all the talk about women being equal to men I shouldn't expect anything or what have you from men nowadays but really, would it kill you to show some of the old world courtesy that guys did for women back then?

So here's a list of things that I think should never be missing from a man's behavior when they are with women. And ladies, say THANK YOU. Don't be rude as well and act as if you had the right to be treated as such. Remember, a lady to be treated like a lady, must act like a lady.

  • opening the door ... I know it's not heavy but it would be really nice to have someone hold it for you especially if you're carrying a lot of things and not have to have your face carved or imprinted on a door
  • offering your seat in a bus, LRT, MRT ... seriously ... don't even offer it to a pretty lady ... but to that old man or woman ... would it really kill you to stand and let an older person sit?
  • carrying a woman's heavy load ... don't carry her teeny tiny lil handbag but if she has more than 2 bags already and what have you, then take it ...
  • opening the car door ... its something simple ... you just need to go around ... just a lil effort
  • pulling the chair when dining ... don't do this at a fastfood resto ... only when you're at a restaurant
  • going on the not so safe side when crossing the street
  • standing up when being introduced to a girl
  • offering your hand instead of the customary beso when first introduced
  • paying for the bill ... I know you talk about being practical and all but really .... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MONEY, DO NOT ASK A GIRL OUT!
  • taking a girl home after gimmick ... fine, it seems sweet when done in the movies how the girl is whisked away in a yellow cab but really, what do you think is the girl feeling afterwards when she's alone?
  • offering to pick her up ... enough of the lets meet somewhere crap ...
  • flowers ... one lil long stemmed rose goes a long long way
These are what I can think of for now .... anyone want to add anything? Oh, and before someone bashes me for being so old school or a throwback to the 20's ... seriously ... deep inside, girls feel good when they are treasured.


  1. I hold the door for people when I can. I don't expect a thank you every time, but I think people are rude when they don't say anything -- like it's your job to hold the door for them or something.

  2. sorry I don't agree with u on the line..."paying for the bill ... I know you talk about being practical and all but really .... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MONEY, DO NOT ASK A GIRL OUT"!


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