Monday, September 22, 2008

if I was a guy ...

I've been talking to someone and discussing what's the sweetest thing someone can do for a love one? At one point, the other person said that what I have in mind was corny. My take was that it was extremely romantic. I then said, if I was a guy, my girl or wife would be so lucky.

So here goes. If I was a guy, I would ....

1) dance with my girl in the rain
2) give her butterfly kisses on her face and with each one, tell her I love her
3) make love to her in a room full of candles
4) make love to her in a bed of rose petals ... overflowing with rose petals
5) give her flowers at least once a month ... random dates ... so that she knows she will get one but not when ...
6) write her a love letter
7) have her picture charcoal painted
8) still ask her out if I wanna watch a movie with her or go out to dinner especially if its somewhere fancy
9) compliment her on something everytime we see each other
10) tell her "mahal kita" because its corny and its sweet

1 comment:

  1. This is what exactly I was thinking... I wish I were a girl....


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