Thursday, September 4, 2008

12 things women ought to RELEARN

Since I made that post about what men need to relearn, it is but fair to post what women need to relearn as well IMO. It's not just the guys who have forgotten some etiquette. Again, these are my opinions. If you don't agree, leave. If you want to comment, do it in a respectful manner.
  • Say thank you. Ladies, do not expect things and when it's given not say thank you. Mind your manners so that people will treat you with manners as well.
  • Do close those legs. I know that sitting like a man is the in thing nowadays but do close them. You get upset when a guy stares blatantly but really, even I would stare and try to see what you're showing if you keep opening it.
  • Do smile when someone opens the door for you or pulls out a chair. Don't make snide comments. Think: If I can't say anything nice, I will shut up.
  • Say thank you when given a compliment. Stop putting yourself down or worse, fish for more compliments. Validation is necessary at times but you were already complimented. Say thank you, smile, and walk away.
  • Do play a little hard to get. No need to lay it all out in the open just like that. If you do, don't expect to be treated seriously. That is not being smart.
  • If you kiss and tell, then expect to be talked about. When girls share intimate information with others, do not expect the world to shut up about it. You've shared, your fair game.
  • Shave ladies. I'm not talking about down there, or even your legs but simply your underarm. If you don't want to be insulted, groom.
  • On that note, do not wear open toed shoes if your toes are not viewable. Eeeewww.
  • Do learn to cook. One meal will not kill you. As much as we all want to say that its not important, think of this. Wouldn't you want the girl your son will marry to be someone who knows how to cook at least one meal? Golden rule.
  • Read. Be updated. Yes, you may look like Halle Berry or Jessica Alba but if you have nothing in between your ears, better make sure you have the prowess of Angelina Jolie in bed since that is where you will be delegated.
  • Thou shall not flirt ... with the brother of your date, with the friends, or with any male species that he is family with or friends. That is not cool.
  • Do thank the guy when he pays for the date. Yes, he should but still, thank him. Let him down easy if you end up not liking him. And if you were the one to ask him out, shell out. Some girls ask guys out just to get them to pay for something, that is not good. We need to be independent at times especially if its something we want. Now if they asked, let them pay. If you ask, prepare to pay. So don't ask. Lol!

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  1. You are absolutely true...In fact I was planning to write an article on the same topic....


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