Friday, September 19, 2008

coffee partnership

You ever met someone and you know that you will just click? You ever met anyone who makes you feel super comfortable and you know there's no need for you to pipe down and pretend to be something that you're not. You ever had a friend where you can just be touchy feely and know that he doesn't think you're too forward or a slut for being that way?

I have a friend like that and I'm really happy to have this person in my life. I can just be me with this person. I can just be Kay who is feisty and kooky; who is conyo and maarte, who is kikay and girly. I don't need to pipe down when I have comments to make, I don't need to lie low so to speak because the other person might think I'm too high maintenance.

This person, he sees me as normal. And I'm glad. It feels good to be normal once in a while.

Thank you my friend.

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