Sunday, February 18, 2007

munimuni # 19

For this week, I am thankful for ...

1) Kiong Hee Huat Chai! It's the Year of the Fire Pig and they say that it brings prosperity. May we all have prosperity in our lives!

2) I will be spending time with my parents again with Hubby and the Tornado later to celebrate it. Dad said he got me lots of food from Chinatown. Whee!

3) Week 2 of product training from the BANK is almost done and so far I have not failed anything. Whee!

4) We had a pretty good Valentines dinner.

5) The earrings is arriving later.

6) We're all alive and in pretty good health.

7) Car is registered. We had more than enough to pay for it. It WAS expensive. Sheesh.

8) I have been able to forge friendships in the BANK and I'm pretty positive that they're keepers. I hope they are.

9) I am meeting with some old friends on Tuesday and having the Tornado vaccinated on Monday. I hope he will not get sick.

That's about it. I am now on my way to work. I hope I won't be late. Mwah and hugs to you all! Have a great weekend!

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