Sunday, February 4, 2007

munimuni # 17

I have so many things to be thankful for this week. Sure, I had a mini melt down when hubby and I had some sort of disagreement but again, that incident showed me that I have really wonderful friends to back me up and cheer me up. Thanks Vids and Arny.

I posted this last Friday and I wanna give a really big shout out of thanks to everyone who gave support to me on this topic. Thank you so much The Wooden Porch, GrayMama, leira, smileyMamaT, Biker Betty, and Ivy. If there were more women int he world like you, there would be less battered women, there would be less females suffering from anorexia and bulimia, there would be less hatred in this world. Women like you are what's needed in this world. We know our worth and we don't allow others to trample all over our dignity.

So here are my list of thank you's for the week:

1) My MIL and FIL for taking care of my tornado better than I take care of my tornado. Hehe. Bad Mommy.
2) Hubby for helping me get through the very first graveyard shift I had last night

3) Arny and Vids for reminding me that I am fabulous the way that I am

4) my Mom for letting me shop through her catalogues and letting me pay later ... hihihi ... believe it or not, my Mom is an Avon lady ... lol!
5) my Nanny, for letting me sleep late on a Sunday morning
6) YOU GUYS! You rock ... I look forward to posting every single day because I know that you would be sharing your wonderful take on whatever it is I post, no matter how mundane

7) for the 3 people who have already said yes to participating in my Monthly Swap of Accessories ... more participants please ... yes you ... I know you want to join ... drop me an email

8) good health, food on our table, shelter, peace in the house .. .all very important

9) the fact that the tornado still enjoys kissing and hugging me ... I love those moments

10) The Wooden Porch for my very lovely swap button (look at my sidebar!)

11) Rachel for my very lovely avatar which was a cery wonderful surprise (sidebar again please)

How was your week?

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