Monday, February 5, 2007

something to cheer you up

First one is related to the theme (which is 80's) and the other two, they just make me laugh. I hope you will too.
All I can say in this picture is, "what was I thinking?" The gown is what they call bell something I think. And my make up and hair was just plain wrong. I look like a vampire on drugs. Eeekkkk! and I was only 12 in this picture. Grrr....

serious sign of aging ...

Used to be that I could tolerate backpains and neck pains. Nowadays, I find myself looking for the comfort of the Salon Pas. It feels so good when it's stuck on my neck. Too bad hubby thinks it makes me smell like an old woman. Lol! I love the smell though. minty and warm.

How do you relieve your aching muscles?

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