Friday, February 9, 2007

clingy baby

Recently, the B has learned the art of clinging to me. When I would pass by his playpen, he would stop whatever it is he is doing and would cling to me. Even when someone else is holding him, he would cling to me. Early morning when he wakes up and sees me, he clings to me.

I think this is because I've started to work in a day job post with overtime and all the normal stuff that happens in a bank. He no longer sees me as much as he used to. I feel guilty but I do my best to make time for him every single night and during my days off. Of course there are times that I do just wanna go out and have some me time or time with some friends. But when the tornado smiles at me, everything just becomes worth the while.

I guess I'm feeling a bit of the working mom guilt but I know that I am doing what I can to make him realize that he still is the most important creature in the world to me.

So just cling on baby. Cling on.

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