Monday, February 19, 2007

vaccines and what nots

I'm about to go out today to get the tornado his much needed and a month delayed booster shot. We weren't able to get it last month because he got a fever for a day and I thought that if he gets the vaccine, he'd get another fever.

Apparently, it is possible.

Here's my paranoia and I am hoping that I will get to hear some reassuring things from you guys. The tornado is really really energetic. How can I get him to stay still long enough to be pricked by a needle? What if the needle gets stuck in his muscle? What if he gets a raging fever? What if he gets forever traumatized by hospitals? He's only a year and 7 months so most of the monthly shots are over and done with but still ...

Sigh. What to do what to do?

And am I a bad Mom? I'm hoping the tornado will not get sick as well since I'll be meeting a friend tomorrow coz she's about to leave for Spain and stay there for good. How can I meet her if the tornado is sick? Sigh sigh.

On a funny note, my lil sister was showing off her spelling skills yesterday. She was looking a a brown crayon and memorizing it. She then said "Hey sis! I know how to spell brown. It's B-R-W-N!" Lol!

* Why did I only see this now? My lil tornado was a finalist on Tiny Love's Cutest Valentine baby and he got ZERO votes because Mommy did not know about it and did not promote him!!!!! ARGH! I want to bop my head. But thank you so much Tiny Love.

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