Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 14

13 of my favorite ref magnet as requested by Raggedy

I find this magnet real cute. It strikes me as being Carribean like and I've always been fascinated with the Carribean.

This one I didn't get from Spain. I bought this at a flea market and it looked very Spanish to me so I
got it. El Matador!

This was given to me by my cousin from London. Love it!

This one is reminiscent of Thailand. Nice no?

I like butterflies. Who doesn't?

The magnet on the left side is from an ex suitor. The other 2 are from my friend, Rochelle. I love them all.

This is from a former boss. I was so surprised when he got them for me. I love all the magnets in this set because they are so unique.

This one I got from my hometown and I love it. guitars are one of the bestsellers in my area so I'm very happy with this.

I love this one. I found it in a mall. This is a kitchen magnet and I find it so quaint. Notice anything missing?

This is a lil Jamaican man I saw at a thrift store near our place. I just love the arms and legs. Yeah man!

This is my first attempt at making a magnet. I glued a magnet at the back of said donut and voila! Thanks Incog & Nito for this yummy donut. This is from Australia bdw.

This one I asked from my former boss to get for me from New York. I love this one too since it shows the different sights to see in NY, the Big Apple.

This is my collection of Starbucks magnets. I couldn't choose just one so I gathered them all. Hehe. Cheating I know. You have to forgive me. Hehe.

Which one was your favorite?

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