Thursday, February 22, 2007

mañana habit and a fugly dog

I have been guilty of this. Due to training and taking care of the tornado, I have forgotten to send out some packages. I am so sorry. Judy, your Feb swap will be sent out next week after my taining and payday. I will make sure that I will be able to make it up to you because I will put out a fab accessory swap.

Len, your gift will be sent out as well. I swear!

Lastly, LovemyStarr ... thank you for the wonderful TN magnets. I love the googly eyes and it was such a nice surprise. I had a pretty long day with people that are just too arrogant for their own good. Grrr ...

Your magnets save the day. Thank you.

I'm watching American Idol Season 6 and Paul Kim is blowing my mind. He has a really good voice. Dang! The falsetto ruined it though.

Who's your favorite so far?

cute or ugly?

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