Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 15

13 ways to show love
  1. hug them
  2. compliment the one you love every single day
  3. write them love notes on post its and stick it anywhere
  4. have your picture turn into a magnet frame and put it on your fridge
  5. have a street artist draw their picture and give it to them
  6. let them have control of the tv remote
  7. buy them that book, dvd, or cd they've been drooling over
  8. forgive them their silly antics that irritate you
  9. buy them thier own creative board and let them pin anything without ridiculing it
  10. let them pick the next movie you watch
  11. create love coupons and give it to them for them to use when they want
  12. get an illustration board, use the black part, and write a love note on it using metallic pens and put a picture of the two of you anywhere on it
  13. get a love box and put small things in there that you know they love (it may be a tweety collection, a purple collection, stamps, hearts, anything)
How do you show your love?

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