Sunday, December 31, 2006

munimuni # 13

It was a very good week for me with only some minor not so good things happening ... I love weeks like this and I truly appreciate the quiet times that I get to have. The holidays is also a good time to get in touch with friends that you haven't talked to for some time and I'm glad that we got to text a bit Jacque! Miss you girl and can't wait to meet up in Mall of Asia.

So, here are the blessings I received this week:

1) though the Tornado suffered from yet another cold (he got it from Grandpa who we made to feel guilty and is taking meds religiously now), it seems he is recovering from it quite well
2) Tornado got lots of fantastic clothes, some of them real pricey as well ... THANK YOU ALL! I've neer had to buy new clothes for my son since you're all so generous
3) I got some nice stuff too ... will post pics after the New Year ... I have dial up at home and it would kill my connection if I were to upload them all in here ... it just mybe 2007 already before it uploads
4) we were all able to share some blessings with people who needed it more ...
5) we got to spend some time with family as we all went for a night out at a lounge music bar and listened to oldies music and Bossa Nova
6) we got to buy some stuff on SALE! All malls had their clearance sale and we chose Mall of Asia since it had over 750+ stores for us to choose from ... my feet still hurts up to now ...
7) I got to finish some things on my to do list! whee!
8) It is hubby's Grandma's 84th birthday today! Happy birthday Lola!
9) Tomorrow, we spend the day with my Dad ... whoohoo!

I wish that everyone would be able to welcome 2007 with all their body parts intact (for those that don't live here, we have a high rate of body parts going missing due to all the fireworks being used. Filipinos love their fireworks and as always, accidents are bound to happen. We don't use fireworks.)

For 2007, may we all have prosperity in our lives, peace of mind, love and camaraderie between family and friends, great halth, and be free from all that is harmful!

Happy New Year! Mwah!

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