Friday, December 29, 2006

collection addict

This is my collection of books ... lots of trashy stuff actually ... romance novels (must nurture the romantic in me) self help books (what to expect, chicken soup for the soul, don't sweat the small stuff ...) sweet valley (I refuse to give them up, they were my companion in nursing my broken heart back in high school) and of course Harry Potter! Gotta love him!

Here's my picture frame collection. I hate those drabby brown old picture frames ... love the kitchy ones coz I'm kikay. I could deal with the balck and white ones ... actually I am planning on enlarging a black and white picture of my son and getting it framed ... sorta like this but much, much better.

And my most beloved collection of magnets ... arent' they nice? Some were given by friends who cared enough but most were bought at flea markets. I just love the feeling of finding an uber cute one at such a cheap price. Yep, I'm a cheapskate. Gotta be y'know. I am a MOM after all. =p

From time to time though, I indulge. I think I have all the Starbucks magnets that made it here in our country. Most of this were given by friends and dates from when I was single. Hihihi! =)

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