Sunday, December 10, 2006

munimuni # 10

Right now, I am not so happy with what has happened on the latter part of my week. It seems that everything that I have planned did not work out. To top it off, the tornado has been sick since Friday afternoon. We've had our check up with the doctor and she tells me that he has inflammed tonsils. Again.

Oh, and cold and coughs as well plus a slight fever.


But I will try my best to think of some blessings that I received this week.
  1. though Tornado is sick, it is something that can be healed by medicine and some antibiotics
  2. we got our 13th month pay already
  3. paid off some credit card bills
  4. able to buy some gifts for Xmas and gift for Mom and SIL as well since their birthday is near
  5. though we are all sick (only SIL and maid isn't), we're still doing good ..
  6. met up with an old friend from college ... can't post pics though coz Anton swore he would kill me if I did ... hehe ...
  7. brought lots of medicine which was a good thing since the day after I did it, everyone got sick
  8. met up with lil bro and hanged out at home
How was your week?

Please pray for my lil tornado to get well REAL soon. Thanks!

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