munimuni # 11

So much stuff happened this week or maybe it just felt like it to me ...

So many things that I am grateful for. I can say with certainty that this week was far better than last week. Last week was the pits. As they say, if you're down there, it can only go up. So here ...

1) it was my Mom's 43rd birthday ... it was so funny coz my lil brother got the birthday candles that says 43 and not the lil candle sticks ... she made us put it like this ... 4 was on the left side of the cake and 3 was on the right side. Silly!

2) my grandparents and uncle and aunt are all here to spend the Holidays with us ... they're staying at my Mom's and they've seen the tornado and were amazed that he's so big now (last time they saw him, he was 3 days old!)

3) I finally got time and space to create my tree ornaments for my swap and put together Connie's package. I feel so bad taking this long but as you all know, Murphy's law came down on me and we all got sick, one after the other ...

4) I have a space in our room now ... yey! I used to do all my crafts and scrapping on the floor ... hehe ... now I get my own desk ... its small but I have two shelves to hold my other stuff ... on the side are all the arts and craft books I've found in thrift book shops

5) I found so many arts and craft books on sale ... I got 5 new ones! Whee!

6) The tornado feels much better now. I'm more sane as well since his nanny is back from the province ... hehe ...

7) I received 6 ornaments from 8 of my swap mates ... post pics tomorrow ...

8) Though I was not able to post for Fridays Feast and SPH, I still get lots of visitors here ... thank you guys! (we had a black out which prevented me from using the pc since there was no electricity, I will post my photo hunt ... even if it's late)

9) I am meeting some friends later ... friends from childhood and I so look forward to seeing them again ...

How was your week?

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