Wednesday, December 27, 2006

thrift shop finds and B

a knitted shirt that costs $0.40

6 neckties for $2 (Php100)

craft books for less than $4 each (hardbound and most of them in mint condition)

I love thrift shops. I love them, love them! The neckties I got were all original YSL or Armani ties. I felt so happy being able to unearth them from underneath all that pile of clothes. Yes, unearth.

That's the only thing in the thrift shops here. They're all stacked up like heaps of clothing on the floor and you need to wade in and find good ones. But finding even one original DKNY blouse in mint condition for $1 or $2 makes it all worth it. What I do with the clothes I find before I use them is to boil them in water then I have it washed 3x. Can't be too sure where it came from you know? Lol!

The books on the other hand, I dust and wipe then cover with plastic.

What's your greatest thrift find?
B stories
He's starting to mimic words now. He was pointing to our bookshelf and said "uh!" So I said, "you want books?" and he answered "BOK!"
The other time, we were in the car and he was making all his usual noises. His Dad decided to mimic him. This is how it went.
B: Bushu
Dad: Bushu
B: Pueyyy
Dad: Pueyyy
B: Tida
Dad: Tida
B: (something that sounded like this) boohidishatidawupasutidisha
Dad: *utter silence*
I laughed real loud and told his Dad, "That, you can't beat!"

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