Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 10

13 goals for 2007
  1. lose 20lbs or more ... shouldn't be too hard right?
  2. pay off both credit cards ... the interest is killing me
  3. finish Christmas shopping before Christmas comes ... the stress really got to me and I've had no decent sleep for the past week ... so not gonna happen again next year
  4. go to Baguio with family in the summer
  5. be the proud owner of a Cricut machine ... I will find a sideline to earn my own money for me WANTS ... and I WANT this ...
  6. enhance my craft skills such as card making, scrapbooking
  7. learn how to sew ... I can't shake off the image of my hands getting all stitched up while learning but I need to overcome this
  8. redecorate the house
  9. save at least Php100k in the bank ... the tornado will be studying soon
  10. be nicer to service people ( I get mean when they're inefficient)
  11. learn candle making
  12. organize a monthly mini swap ... good idea? I say mini swap coz we'd send out a small box that wouldn't cost too much and it will be filled with the theme for the month ... anyone wanna participate?
  13. maintain my blog and post new things daily (as much as possible!)
What's your goal for 2007?

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