Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas recap

Christmas is finally over at our house. We are now looking forward to New Year's celebration. I personally am counting the days till the 28th since that will be the start of my 5 day leave. Whooopeee! I will try to blog as much as I can from home but if I am not able to, I will just post in advance and leave you guys with some linkies and projects or what have you.

Christmas eve started with a lot of carolers. Kids of all ages would go door to door and sing Christmas carols to receive some aginaldo. Aginaldo could be monetary or a gift, or a food basket.

For our Christmas dinner (we call it noche buena here) I cooked herbed chicken. I couldn't have it as herbed roasted chicken since we didn't have a roaster. What I did was marinade it for 24 hours, then cooked it in the marinade itself. I put in some rosamary, thymes, oregano, black pepper, sugar, salt, and lemon grass. It way yummy! I know it was because all that was left of it were bones. Whee! Success! Here's a not so good picture of it being cooked.

We had a typical Philippine feast though it was hardly a feast. We didn't see the need to prepare a lot since people in our house have very lil appetite. I mean, they eat a lot but they get easily full. We also had some grilled fish (a favorite) and fruits. It was a very small celebration but what matters is that we were all together, and in good health.

Normally, we would open gifts at 12 midnight but we had to do it a bit early this year since I had to be at work by 4am. So at 10pm, we started opening gifts. It was so much fun. People loved their gifts. I was able to capture their reactions on camera but I can't post it here for privacy reasons. I do have a picture of the tornado opening some of his gifts and playing with it as well.

After opening the gifts, we had what we call a "pasabog." Its a tradition in my family that we do durig Christmas and New Year. One gathers lots of coins and throws it into the air. The other members of the family will then try to get as many as they can. Its to invite luck in by sharing your "wealth" with others.

Then my SIL had some money in the kitchen in different places and off we went to go look for it. It was great! We had a blast!

I hope everyone else had a great time celebrating Christmas as well.

How was your Christmas?

my son enjoying the chicken I cooked

* I just bought Fluocinonide for my skin irritation. I hope it works.

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