Thursday, December 21, 2006

tough luck

A friend and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping when she started (or maybe I started it?) whining about how toxic things were and how it shouldn't be like that since it's Christmas season. Then we started talking about how Christmas loses a bit of its fun when you get into your mid 20's. I surmised that it's probably because one is no longer a child nor a teen but not yet old enough to warrant demanding things and coming out as "Grandma wanted this and that!"

So yeah, we're in our mid-20's and its at this age where you are earning enough to start thinking that you can get everyone in the family presents but not everyone thinks of getting you one simply because they think you've bought everything you already wanted. Kinda sucks but ... that's life.

Do you agree with me on this? For those who are in their 20's ... do you feel this way? For those who are no longer in their 20's, did you go through this?

Or is this a cultural thing?

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