Daddy's 62nd Birthday

Unlike the 60th birthday where we held a surprise party for my Dad at Yakimix, his birthday celebration today was a simple one though it was also a surprise since he did not know that we would be visiting.

We got a small caramel chocolate cake for his birthday and bought food from Luk Foo. We also bought pancit for the other guests that would be arriving at a later time. B got him a mug warmer that was electrical, K got him a manicure set, FM and I got him a coffee press which he could also use to brew tea with.

It was a simple celebration but what mattered was that we were all together. Happy birthday Daddy! I love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your dad Kay! More to come!

  2. B and your dad is magkamukha pala noh? Happy birthday to your dad! :)

  3. Simple celebration means a lot too :-) happy birthday to your Dad!