breakfast at Shakeys

It's been 2 weeks since I took B out on a date. We haven't been able to go out that much because of the incessant rain but last Saturday, I grabbed the chance to take him to breakfast at Shakeys. Now, B being B, invited K and 2 other kids.

I didn't mind. What mattered to me was that my B was happy.

When we got to Shakeys, the arcade area was still closed and so I let B borrow my phone to play games. He rarely gets to do that so the few times that I let him, he's very happy. 

When we were ordering, I asked B what he wanted to eat. He replied, "white spaghetti!" He meant carbonara and so I ordered carbonara for him. Mind you, this is just a solo plate and its already big.

I also ordered Ice Cream for B and friends and they finished every last bite. Trust the appetite of children to amaze you.

I also ordered the Rootbeer Tower for them and it was such a pleasant feeling seeing the look of amazement on their faces.

Overall, we had a fun time at Shakeys last Saturday and B was very happy which made me happy.

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