dealing with a 3 year old toddler

My son is the most darling little boy in this world. I come home from work and he screams "Mommy" as if he hasn't seen me in years. He would hug me and kiss me randomly for no reason. If I am still awake, he would request that I bathe him and dress him. We would dance together, sing together, play online games, and be camwhores together.

I love him to bits and pieces ....

until he starts screaming and yelling like somebody wa trying to hurt him when he does not get his way. Then I want to make him bits and pieces (this is all in my mind of course but Moms, you know what I am talking about.)

I am amazed at how a sweet lil angel can turn into a banshee like creature when he does not get his way. This means everyday, every single day, we have mini episodes of him screeching to get what he wants. He's a really smart kid but this is one lesson he seems to be having a hard time learning. No amount of screaming and crying will make him the boss. No no no. It just won't happen.
How do you deal with this? Please, tell me.
I love B but there are times I want to put him back in my tummy. Lol.

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