Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Should I do a No-Buy Year?

A week has passed by already and there's been one thing that has bugged me since 2019 entered. You see, I chanced upon a video about the concept of no-buy and the idea has been literally stuck to my head. For those who do not know, no-buy means you can only buy the essentials in life and for the essential toiletries, you only buy it when you have consumed and used up the one you already have. 

This is what they call empties which I'll discuss in another blog post should I decide to actually pursue this no buy project. 

So here's a quick background of what is happening in my head. 


The Challenge: No Buy Year

Why I want to do it: Last year, I saw that I have spent almost 250k on things that I didn't really need in my life. 250 THOUSAND. 250K. I could have gone to so many places with that amount. SO MANY PLACES. 

The Struggle: I'm so used to hoarding that I know that it will be quite hard to walk away from things just like that.

The Benefit: Savings and less clutter.

Now that I have listed things down this way, my head just literally went, "what's the struggle?"

The Rules

1. You can only buy the essentials.
- Food
- Medicine
- Toiletries and skin care 

- household stuff 
- things that will add quality to your life

2. Empties
For the toiletries, makeup, and skin care, you can only buy a new one when you finish up a bottle.

3. You cannot buy things just because you want it. It has to be a necessity or something that will truly add value to your life. 

4. If you are a buying a big ticket item, you need to think about it for 90 days and if you still want to buy it after 90 days, then you can do so. 

5. You need to make an inventory of what you have at the beginning of your no buy year. This way, you can see how much you actually have and what you have consumed at the end of the year. 

So there. The rules are very simple but in reality, I know that it will be a struggle to follow. However, I did calculate how much I have spent for 2018 and I am appalled. Even if I was able to buy a second hand car for my Mom and some gadgets for family, I could have saved so much more or used it to travel with family.

Now that this blog post is done, I've realized that I will be trying the no-buy year and I will document my journey of transitioning from being a shopaholic and hoarder to becoming a minimalist and no-buy person.

Let me know if you're also trying this out. I'd love to have someone to talk to about this.

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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I call mine my: 'tipid year.' I also realized that I have so much stuff and I keep adding and adding to it... Thinking about the benefits of saving money and having less clutter make me feel better about not spending on my every whim.


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