on goals and vision boards ...

Last year, I made a vision board. Much to my surprise, more than half of my vision board came true!

I was able to save money, buy an OSMO, Foldio Lighbox, and also own a ringlight. I'm in shock! Sadly, I did not lose weight because there were just too many good eats and because I didn't really have enough motivation.

I also did not go to Japan or Korea but I was able to visit Taiwan and Malaysia as well as Hong Kong and Singapore so that's more than enough travel for me.

I was able to do the following: 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12. So this year, I will have 7 goals only so that it can be more achievable. I've also been doing some "art" on my 365 days of awesome journal which I hope I can maintain.

Now for 2018's Vision Board:

1. Thailand

2. Angkor Wat

3. Bali, Indonesia

4. Innova 2018

Cheers to having more time for the things that I love while earning more than enough to really save all at the same time.