Friday, January 25, 2019

4 Simple Ways to try and Stay Healthy

Sometimes, it's just really hard to stay healthy. Too many temptations are around us and if you belong in the creative industry like I do, chances are, you also sleep late, drink too much coffee, and don't get to exercise often enough.

So, how can one stay healthy?

I've come up with some simple steps to help keep you healthy. Now following these steps does not guarantee that you will be healthy but it will help to keep you healthy and these "hacks" are simply based on my own experiences.

You see, everyone in my house got hit with fever, cough, and cold. For some reason (and thank God for that) I wasn't. I figured, I must be doing something right in the middle of so many wrong things. I figured, might as well share it here with you guys.

Drink water 

Trust me, I don't like drinking water but I've realized that the more I drink, the less I actually crave rice and sweets. Also, drinking 8 glasses of water has always been the most recommended. Now, I personally have a hard time drinking 8 glasses so now, my goal is to just drink as much as I can.

I no longer feel bad when I don't reach the 8 glasses. What I do instead is cheer myself on when I get to drink 5 glasses coz that's still 4 more than what I'm used to drinking. You need to celebrate the small wins so that eventually, you get to reach the goal.

Walk as much as you can 

I've had bad days. I've had really bad days where I barely made 100 steps. THAT BAD. So now, what I've learned to do is to go up and down the stairs as much as I can and then I clean my room as much as I can. Those little steps can add up to a lot and 1000 steps is better than 100.

You see, I work mostly from the house so I rarely go out. This means that the only movement I get is when I go down to get water or coffee, eat, or if I clean my room and house. Since I don't really have the chance to walk inside the village, I walk around the house and do the chores. Upside is I get to hit two birds with one stone.

Eat your greens

I cannot stress this enough. I know that a lot of people hate veggies but veggies really help you when fighting off a lot of sickness. If you eat veggies on a frequent basis, it helps your immune system and at the same time, it makes your skin brighter and smoother.

Drink your fruits 

For some people, eating healthy can be quite hard. I suggest drinking your fruits. It's easier and faster to consume Fruits provide great benefits to our body and helps us fight off sickness and diseases. Fruits like apples, avocado, and banana give us a lot of vitamins which is necessary to fight off colds and coughs.

There are so many tips given out there and a lot of them feel unattainable which can discourage people. This has been the case for me until I decided that I will do what I can and take the baby steps needed before I can do the plunge.

I'm not the healthiest person on Earth and I still need to work on a lot of things but at least I'm doing something about my state. It's better than nothing and as I would always say, it's better to do something no matter how small it is rather than to completely do nothing.

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