Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals for MsKathyKenny

2016 was an awesome year for me in terms of my career and family. There were a few frienship casualties but I guess I got better at mining friends and less attached to the ones worth keeping that there was only one moment of breakdown for someone who did not treat me well. The rest was just plain DAEBAK (awesome in Korean.)

It is now 2017 and I looked back at my 2016 goals. I am happy to say that for the most important ones, I achieved it. #1 and #2 I'm pretty sure I was not able to accomplish and #3 is still a dream that I will eye again this 2017 for health reasons. #4 did not materialize simply because I have stopped coloring but I do have artworks that just needs to be framed. Perhaps I should just buy frames and place it there no?

I'm happy though that #5 and #6 happened. There were months I skipped but I made up for it and I think I have a pretty good relationship with my son.

So for 2017, I will be more realistic with my goals.

1. Save 100k in the bank (aim high right?)
2. Exercise 3 days a week
3. Print Family Vacations and Travels via Fotogra since I want them to be a photobook
4. Monthly Dates with Brent (he's turning 12!)
5. Visit Davao / Vigan this year coz last year it was Palawan and Batanes
6. Travel to 2 countries
7. Finish 4 artworks (that's 1 every 3 months)
8. be a legit Youtuber since I've started doing beauty posts like this and this
9. Limit my Kdrama addiciton to 2 Kdrama a month
10. Read 6 books
11. Land another speaking engagement coz I really like the part where I got flowers at the end of this first one haha
12. Finally talk about the hard stuff and help other people get better

And if the stars are aligned, get a job in SG so that I can buy my Mom's dream house before I turn 40 and before she turns 60. Now isn't that something to aim for? After all, Nick Vujicic said everything is possible.

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  1. I find this trully inspiring! 100k? I hope the best for you and in a year I wish you have a post saying that you have achieved to every thing!

  2. Glad to hear 2016 was an awesome year for you! Glad you achieved your most important goals of 2016. Watch a 100 movies is an awesome goal. That's like 1 movie every 3 days. Well, I might have done that haha :). I love your goals for 2017.

  3. Wow! Good luck to
    your goas! Ill cheer you on. About the speaking engagement, what topics do you usually do? Got curious. Happy New Year! :)

  4. I'm glad that 2016's been a good year for you. Exercise should be easy ( easier said than done, lol ) but if you really find time for it, I'm sure you can do it. I'm confident that you can also do your 100K. You seem to be a focused and goal-oriented gal so I have no doubts about that one.

    I wish you more opportunities, more love, and adventures this 2017. Happy New Year, Kathy.

  5. Wow, I think what touches my heart is the last goal you've listed. I would be praying you for that goal cause I know your mom would be really happy. That has been my dream as well, hopefully I could give to my mom. I like how specific and smart your goals for this year. I know it would be an awesome year for you and for your family. God bless always on your journey!

  6. Wowwww 100k! For me i am planning and promised to do the 20 pesos challenge. Will save 20 pesos per day. I hope everything or most you have listed will come true!

    Aika |

  7. I agree with loftier goals as you achieve one, you aim for the next higher ones. I think it is prioritizing on what is important, and what is more trivial, so that the important ones can be done is shorter period of time. And then, if you can accomplish the important goals quick, might as well go all the way and double up, eh?

  8. Aim high right! Your goals are achievable. Just needs determination, commitment and tons of energy. I've also got some goals for 2017 that I'm aiming for. Good luck to us!

  9. Wow! Your 2016 was really awesome. Lucky indeed to meet them personally. I will be waiting for more this 2017...good luck and Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year, Kathy! Your goals look great, and are totally achievable! Just decide that by the last day of 2017, you'd have accomplished them all and work backwards to create a plan of action for them. I read an article that in order to meet our goals, we have to plan the way to meet them. I wish you all the best as you plan your year and reach your goals, all of them (including the last one!)

  11. My 2016 was also awesome! Aim high, indeed! You have wonderful big goals! Reading a certain number of books is also part of my list yearly. Travelling with my family is there also. Last year, we went to almost all of the places I listed. We just missed going back to Seda hotel last year. But we already booked our next vacation in Laguna for February of this year. :) One of my work goals is similar to yours. I want more speaking and consulting gigs this year, too. :) God bless us as we pursue our 2017 goals!

  12. Well, it's good to know that your 2016 was awesome. Mine was bittersweet, bitter during the first few months then sweet during the remaining months. Nevertheless, those goals are reachable as long as you commit yourself into doing it. However, if you get a job in SG, who'll take care of Brent? :D


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