Friday, August 31, 2018

Review: Herbal Precious Pillow

We've all heard about how herbal precious pillows are meant to soothe your aches if you have body pain or severe menopause. In fact, when you look up herbal pillows, it's almost the only thing that you will see posted about it. It seems that herbal pillow = aching pain.

For me though, I found other uses for the Herbal Pillow. You see, I made the mistake of taking it out of it's container one time and leaving it on my desk. When I came back to the room after an hour, the room was filled with a wonderful relaxing aroma.

Apparently, it also makes for a wonderful and effective room freshener.

I've also found that if you place it beside your pillow when you have a hard time sleeping, the scent will lull you to sleep. Yes, it's also something that you can use to ease your sleeping problems.

What's also good about this herbal pillow is the fact that it helps with blood circulation and relieves stress. I use it when I put up my feet against the wall. It holds because of the velcro belt and it really eases the blood stimulation and circulation which in turn eases my stress.

I love that this product is multi-purpose. It's not simply meant for aching joints and pains but it alo helps ease things for me mentally, spiritually, and physically. Definitely worth every peso spent if you ask me.

You can buy this at Lazada.

To see my first impressions, see below.


  1. hello. I have a question. what can I do if my herbal pillow lost its scent already? thank you

    1. I heard that you can drop a few essential oils and it'll bring scents again.


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