Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Local finds at Family Mart

You know what makes Family Mart different from other stores? It's the fact that they actually support the small moms and pops store by letting these small local stores sell their merchandise in Family Mart.

This here is my haul from Family Mart.

Let's start with Turrones and Mamon Tostado. Turrones is something that you can't just buy easily. You can go to specialty stores but never on a convenience store till now. Most of the time, I only get this when I visit my hometown, Cebu.

The next items are Biscocho, Banana Chips, and Yema. I got the Biscocho and Banana Chips for my Mom. The biscocho was such a joy to find coz my Mom really likes it while the yema is a personal favorite of mine. Truth be told, I finished the yema on the same day that I bought it.

They also have this Crispy Dilis and Crispy Anchovy. My sister did steal the anchovy so I can't vouch for it but the Crispy Suid was pretty good.

Family Mart in Clark, Pampanga is located right where the bus from Trinoma stops so it's an easy walk and you can get all your pasalubong needs without any fuss. This is also another thing I love about Family Mart. It's always accessible to the main commuting routes so it's always convenient.

See what I did there? Haha. :)

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