Friday, August 24, 2018

Chocolicious goodnessfrom Tim Hortons

August has been a bit of a cray cray when it comes to the weather. One day it's blistering heat and the next day, you find yourself gearing for a flash flood and really heavy rains. It's enough to make anyone go bonkers and sometimes, it really affects the mood.

Thankfully, Tim Hortons has something to help you chase the blues away just in time for Chocolate Month. Yes, August is actually chocolate month and  Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons honors this by introducing their new limited edition Chocolicious Donut and White Hot Chocolate which would definitely satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone!

What I loved about this Chocoliscious donut is the fact that when you bite it, there's actually another surprise for you. It's also not too much of an overload because you can keep eating one donut after the other. The sweetness is present but not overwhelming.

The Chocolicious donut has white fondant filled with sinfully good chocolate brownie filling, topped with bittersweet dark chocolate flakes. This pastry goes well with White Hot Chocolate, a rich beverage with milky notes and whipped cream.

As for the White Hot Chocolate, this is caffeine free so it's safe to be consumed by kids and those who do not want any caffeine. As for me, I got the Red Velvet Latte among others because it had espresso in it.

If you can't get enough still, then go for Tim Hortons' other chocolicious treats like the Double Chocolate Fudge Donut, Triple Chocolate Muffin, Choco-Chip Muffin, and Choco-Glazed Timbits. Lastly, wash it all down with Tim Hortons® Hot Chocolate or their signature cool down, Frozen Hot Chocolate.

I also tried the Steak Panini which is now a favorite and the Chicken Panini which is good for those who want to have a light lunch. As you can see on the photo, I also got my favorite Boston Cream from Tim Hortons. I just can't pass up the chance.

What's your favorite Tim Horton's drink or pastry?

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