Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Are Ripped Jeans Still in Fashion?

We will always have the distressed fashion trend from the 70s to thank for merging edginess with an easy laid back style. If the fashionistas out there are aiming for a cool and casual look, ripped jeans are a definite no-brainer—we have the Kardashians to thank for that! The style icons have proved that the shredded fashion staple can be worn for various occasions, from casual afternoons to nights out on the town (we see you Kanye during the MET Gala!).

But how wearable are ripped jeans exactly in Manila? And just how long is this trend here to stay? As the years pass, more distressing seems to be added to denim and pantlegs. While these are a definite head-turner, the pants lose their main functions of covering our lower extremities, leaving us a little cold down there (Yikes!). With the Philippines’ erratic weather, overly distressed jeans may not be the best bet especially during the rainy season.

The undeniable upside with getting a pair of pre-distressed jeans is that they can compliment just about any outfit, no matter what the occasion. They look fresh and chic with loose tees, tank tops, and even your boyfriend’s college jersey! They balance a basic ensemble with enough personality and flair so you won’t look too plain and boring. The distressed trend is also popular among celebrities and notable personalities, too. Local celebrities such as BNY endorser Gab Lagman love wearing ripped jeans because of their effortless edginess when worn with your basic OOTDs.

An obvious fashion statement, ripped jeans are a classic staple for Saturday nights. Ideal for nights out when you’d like to toughen up your ensemble, ripped jeans are a signature choice. Match a classic pair of dark ripped jeans with a slinky dress top, and heels. Take the look further with a leather jacket for that little bit more attitude.

While more brands are coming out with more daring versions of ripped jeans, barely-there denim trousers leave us scratching our heads more than anything. Both the wearability and functionality are compromised, leaving us posing the question whether they are in fact pre-distressed jeans at all. Although this doesn’t remove distressed jeans from our fashion radar. Straight and wide-leg cuts are making a comeback for the season with more subtle rips and patches thrown into the mix. Fashionable girls appreciate a good pair of ripped jeans that don’t make them look costumey. Local celebrity Martine Cajucom considers ripped jeans as a wardrobe essential for days when she wants go for a little androgyny. And its because of celebrities like her and Gab Lagman that the trend continues to thrive.

Whether ripped jeans will still be fashionable next year, it is hard to tell. After all, fashion doesn’t have a rule book that it adheres to. Trends are there to introduce new ways to incorporate pieces into everyday outfits. However, the great thing about fashion is its openness for all ways of dressing, ripped jeans included. So, if we were to bet whether ripped jeans will still be prevalent next year, the chances are they will be popular as they are right now.

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