Sunday, August 12, 2018

DC Superheroes Cafe

When this first opened, I heard really negative reviews from the people who were invited to review it. Of course in their publications they had positive feedback but in private messages, they told me that it wasn't worth a visit which led me to believe that this place really wasn't worth a visit.

Fate intervened though and the husband of my friend managed to bring M and I to this place. Suffice to say that I wasn't really excited about it.

I loved the interiors. It was filled with DC figurines and made M super happy.

This is Batman and his fan haha.

This is a drink with Superman's logo.

They ordered frappes and though it was nothing spectacular, it was pretty good. The fact that you also get swivels in Superman's logo, Batman's logo, and the like makes any DC fan really happy.

My standard coffee shot.

Our little group. I'm so happy they brought M and I here. It's really nice though I'm not a big DC fan.

And of course, a photo with my one and only.

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