on breakfast and baon

For the first few years of B's school life, I have delegated his breakfast and baon to the house help. I know I know. I'm not a "good" Mom but this was because I worked a lot outside the house.

Now that I am home based and with flexible hours too, I've started cooking and preparing breakfast for B as well as K and even M when possible. It's been a struggle at times coz I need to make sure that there is a variety of items that I serve B so he doesn't get "sawa."

So far, here are some of the stuff that he loved.

Eggs, hashbrown, tuna sandwich seems to be a favorite.

Lily's Peanut Butter is another favorite.

Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate in hot and cold versions are another winner.

This one is a recommendation from M. Bear Brand's Strawberry Milk is definitely a favorite. Tang Juice Drink is my recommendation because I grew up with it.

Champorado will always be a classic.

The ensaymada from Family Mart has become a favorite in my house.

Lady's Choice Sandwich Spread and Nescafe is perfect together. Don't worry, the coffee is for me.

M loves this one.

I've also been using my Philips Fruit Shaker to make sure B gets his daily dose of fruits.

I'm still very new to this but I think I have happy customers. Do you have more ideas? Let me know!