Monday, January 11, 2016

why Folic Acid is a must ...

When I found out that I was pregnant 10 years ago, the first thing that I read about it was the importance of Folic Acid. It seems that before you even get pregnant, you should already be stocking up on this in your system for 6 months. SIX MONTHS.

"Folic acid supplementation prior to and during pregnancy helps in the production of red blood cells and also prevents the risk of major complications like spina bifida (exposure of spinal cord) and anencephaly (underdevelopment of brain). Folic acid also prevents cleft lip and palate, premature birth, poor growth and low birth weight in babies and miscarriage in mother." 

One of the things that constantly worries a Mom is that the baby will have something not natural about it. We all want our babies to be perfect and if we need to ingest as much folic acid as we can to help make it happen, then every Mom would just about do that. 

To know more about it, go here. 

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