Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Detoxifying in the year 2016

It’s the time of the year when everyone feels a renewed sense of self and they all set out goals for themselves. For a lot of people, this would normally include losing weight and becoming more fit. For a lot of people, this would fail as well because we all know how truly hard it is to lose weight and stop yourself from gorging on so many of the delicious food you can find around you. Thankfully, we have our resident doctor who advocates health and wellness, Dr. Paolo Bellosillo.

Doc Pao, as he is fondly called, recommends detoxifying.  He believes that this is the best way to lose weight other than the virtue of temperance applied to one’s lifestyle specifically on diets and the likes of it. Of course Doc Pao is aware of what has been said and he agrees that anything in excess can be bad. As he says, it really is dependent on the kind of detoxifying you are doing and which organ is involved.

If you are detoxifying the gut, too much bowel movement can throw your electrolytes off balance. This could lead to dehydration or your blood pressure rising or lowering depending on the kind of electrolytes that has been lost. The key thing to remember during detoxification is to replenish the nutrients being lost. We want to get rid of the toxins but we need to put back the nutrients.

Detoxifying is a popular choice because it relieves our body and cells of redundant presence of toxins. We get these from the air we breathe, food we consume, even the water supply we have.The toxins we ingest are created within as intermediate or endproducts of physiological processes affected by the change in equilibrium as a function of genetic pre disposition or our lifestyle, cholesterol, adrenaline, cortisol, Uric acid, creatinine and many more.

When we detoxify, we are then able to avoid or precent the beginning of a disease of its evolution. For instance, heart attacks emanate from blood pressure rises which arise from blood vessel stiffness and or clogging as well as blood viscosity, dysfunction occurs, therefore action is called for to remedy the state of the endothelium. Detoxifying is to the internal organs as having a facial is to prevent blemishes from appearing. Whereas a dermatologist takes care of the outer appearance, detoxifying w an integrative medicine and anti aging specialist, will ensure that your youthful appearance will begin from within. If you have a clean system, everything else follows.

Detoxifying calls for current conditions, lifestyle rebranding and balancing. Kids who are growing still as well as teenagers may not be the best recipients for this. The question that needs to be answered here is, “what is your main reason for detoxifying? Are you doing it because it is a fad or because you need it?”
Detox is actually cleaning the layers of your body without compromising your well being.  It involves the use of so specialized holistic fields using current conventional technology for marker reference or monitoring while using safe modalities whether technology, supplemental or apt lifestyle  processes integration.  Weight loss is just one of the manifestations.

So if you are doing detox to lose weight as the sole reason, I would suggest that you eat what you need and what you can finish. This means eat smart and not eat everything in sight or because you are bored and have nothing else to do. Next is to workout within attainable or achievable goals.  Train for a reason. Maintain zones that are reasonable. Lastly, employ the use of technologies that allow you to move and break fat or perspire without creating injury to the heart and see an integrative and whole medical systems anti aging specialist. This would be Dr. Paolo Bellosillo. Have a healthy new year and book an appointment with Doc Pao to ensure you are in tiptop shape this 2016.

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