Saturday, January 2, 2016

the men of the online world

Being a single Mom in this day and age is hard especially when it comes to dating. A lot of times, I don't really have the chance to go out and meet potential dates because when I am out, I am either busy taking photos for an article or I am hosting. As much as people think that my work will let me meet a lot of potential partners since I am always at an event or two, it is not true. When you are too busy posting things real time, you just do not have time to mingle or be charming enough to get some guy interested.

This has led me to try online dating apps as suggested by a lot of friends. After being on it for a couple of months, I have to say that men online can be categorized into the following:

1. Mr. Nice Guy BUT ... 

He's very respectful and nice. He makes you feel good and makes you feel special. He talks to you daily until you feel that you have a real connection. You may or may not meet but once you do, that's when things go downhill because as much as he seemed Mr. Nice Guy, he is also more often than not, Mr. I  Cannot Commit.

Warning: Do not fall in love with this one. You will be like Miss Colombia. What you thought was yours was apparently meant for someone else. You will just have your heart broken and served on a silver platter.

2. Mr. Desperate 

He's the one who professes his like or (the horror) love for you within 10 chat lines. Yes, I've encountered this so many times. It is actually quite creepy. A guy who you just met online tells you he loves you and wants to marry you within 10 exchanges. Insanity.

If you encounter him, RUN.

3. The Maniac 

Men think about sex 80% of the time. It's a given. However, being able to solicit behind a screen has made the maniacs more aggressive. Some would actually open a conversation with, "Lets have sex." or the more infamous "wanna f--k?"

Disgusting little losers. I hope that their mothers would catch them doing what they are doing so that they can get the beating of their life. Its men like them who make the whole online dating creepy and scary.

4. The Forever Online 

This guy is like Mr. Nice Guy but he remains online, forever. He never asks to meet but he's always there to talk when you need him. He never volunteers to give his information but will give his name and general details. It could be because he's married and just needs the mental stimulation of an online conversation, or he's an introvert who might freeze to death when a face to face meeting is done, or he could just be really wanting an online friendship or online relationship.

NEVER FORGET: This is all online.

5. The Collector 

These are men who just collect "matches." You match and that's it. You may message and they never reply. Congratulations, you just fed the ego of an insecure guy.

6. The Chick Collector 

This one is the worst version of the collector. This guy actually goes out and meet these girls, make them his conquest, and collects girls the way other people collect ref magnets. Talk about needing validation.

7. Mr. Geographically Challenged

He's perfect. He is everything you want in a guy and you two hit it off. Heck, you get along so well you start wondering where he's been all your life. Guess what? He's been where he's been all his life, halfway around the world.


I think that about summarizes the different kinds of men you meet online. It's a hit or a miss and sadly, its a miss most of the time. After all, this is why stories of successful matches make it to the news. It rarely happens that it's worthy of being mentioned on the news.

As for me, I have uninstalled every single one of these online dating apps because I'm ready to just be on my own. If I meet anyone this 2016, he will need to make his presence known in my life and with how busy I plan to be, he better be prepared to wait and bide his time.

After all, I AM SO WORTH IT.


  1. Although it may be rare and hasn't seemed to happen to you there are success stories. There are Mr. Nice Guys, who are actually nice guys. Granted I have come across all the other types.

  2. Oh man! I think your plan to just let it happen naturally is the best bet. Most of those sound downright scary, lol.

  3. Awesome blog post thank you for sharing.

  4. I never believed in online dating until I met the best boyfriend i’ve ever had in my life! We had been talking everyday until we met and we've been together for 4 years now! So never say never! Thanks for sharing such an interesting post!

  5. The right guy will surely come at times in the most unexpected place:) hoping to read another article about (segway) "finally meet the right guy" :)

  6. ha ha and I think I have come across every single one of these

  7. I am so glad I don't have to go through this! I met my husband at a health food store and we kept running into each other for 8 years before I asked him out!!!

  8. the right guy could be anywhere and could appear when least expected I hope everyone finds their right guy.

  9. I like how you sum up these different types of men online. Very interesting... But be patient and put your trust in the Lord! Good things comes to those who wait....

  10. That is so true. This is why I have never used any online dating app. When you meet someone and you click then that's it. I don't want to go searching for the perfect one. If he is the one for me, we will eventually meet. Which is exactly what happened.

  11. I do wish you the best - there are nice guys out there for sure.

  12. You find love when you least expect really...

  13. TRUE! Every word you said here is true. So better wait for the right guy to come naturally instead of lurking around online dating website/apps. Great decision!

  14. This seems pretty accurate from what I heard of online dating ;) I never tried it, but I know many people who met their partners online - mostly in games, not specifically dating sites though. I guess that makes a difference, as it's more "natural"(however weird this sounds) - they just started talking and it clicked :)

  15. Such a great blog post, Glad you share this with us

  16. great post. My sister met her partner online, but I think when you don't try to find the perfect match is when you are most likely to find him

  17. You are so worth it! I have friends that met their now husbands online but not the vast majority...stand your ground and he will come to you!

  18. I have heard so many crazy internet dating stories. I have a few friends that had success finding someone online.

  19. I often wonder if these dating apps really have results. I can't wait to hear how your results are without the aps this year!

  20. Awwwwwww you will find the right one!!! It just takes time to find the perfect match ;-)

  21. lol good gravy. They say if someone tells you they're awful, they really are, you must listen. I believe it.


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