Tuesday, September 17, 2013

touch a touch a touch a ... touch me

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you would know that I have always been in love with the BlackBerry because I simply cannot deal with touchscreens.

However, faith it seems would have a different plan for me. The past few weeks I have been bombarded with iPhone4 since my team all had iPhone4. They were pretty good at convincing me as well to get one.

You see, I really wanted Instagram and all those cool apps that are only available to iPhone or Android phones. What I did not like was that it was touch screen. My thumbs were too big and it just felt silly for me to tap away on the screen.

I tried to fight it but after more than a year, I finally gave in yesterday. I got this.

I have been playing with it and learning how to use it and so far ... I AM LOVING IT! I have moments of feeling pretty silly but overall, it is so easy to navigate and actually type in. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Even the keypads are bigger than the iPhone that I don't feel clumsy at all using it. It feels ... natural. Eeekkk!

I've also gotten a screen protector and casing for the phone to ensure that I don't kill it. I've also started hounding friends for Care Bears or Minion cases for this Galaxy Grand Duo that I got. 

I am so happy. I now have the apps that I use to just covet and I just feel giddy. 

Oh, please follow me on Instagram. Thanks! MWAH!


  1. been in your shoes about a year ago. love blackberry, hate the touch screen. but after getting the galaxy (yes, i refuse the iphone fad), i was sold.....so let me say this, welcome to the dark side. :)

    1. Hahahaha we both got the Galaxy it seems and yes, I am already swimming on the dark side LOL ... My next plan is to get either the 32GB memory or the 64GB one. Eeepp!


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