Monday, September 16, 2013

the moment I fell out of love with you ...

It's a rainy Monday morning and I am all alone since my son is still in school. It feels melancholic which I believe is the perfect time to blog about heartbreaks and heartaches. So, here goes ...

MU .... We broke up in 1997 but it was only in 2004 that I truly fell out of love with you. You were my first boyfriend and you were also my first real heartache, one that lasted 7 years before I really, truly moved on. You made me fall in love with you and then you broke my heart. It was always her when we were together and then it was me when you were together. It was all so confusing and it was heartbreaking. It was a heartbreak that continued for 7 years.

JM ... We broke up almost 2 years after we started dating. It was a case of seeing each other almost everyday and not being able to grow anymore. I was still in college and it was just too much. You were a little too much.

RS ... I was confused and you didn't fight for us. I was off to a new life with work and you were still in college and I had this whole wide world to explore and you, you just let me out of your grasp. I'm sorry. I should never have left. You were truly one of the few good ones. You loved me with all your heart and only wanted what was best for me but you never believed that you may have been the best for me.Our love story was one for the books but it did not have a happy ending, it just had THE END.

RA ... I  didn't really fall in love with you. I just learned to love you but boy did you ensure that I would fall out of love with you. I believe that this happened at that moment that you threw out all my stuff after I found out you were cheating on me.

JB ... You were another of those that I never really fell for but more of ended up with because I was scared and afraid. I finally fell out of whatever it was I was in that day I saw that you were definitely cheating on me. This is why when you challenged me to a break up, I simply answered with an "okay."

And of course, FM ... you ... I'm not over.

We mature with every relationship we go through. With every ending that we go through, we learn lessons. With every ending we go through, with every piece of our heart breaking, with every tear that rolls down our cheek, we mature and that maturity will hopefully teach us to be better persons one day. 

One day.

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