Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2nd honor for Quarter 1

B has been doing a lot of self studying lately because I have been in the midshift for ages. Much to my pleasant surprise, he actually ended up getting the 2nd honors for Quarter 1 of this school year. YEY to B!

Now, K also landed in the top 7 of her class so I felt that they both deserved a treat. Luckily, Krispy Kreme came up with a new Chocolate Creation and being the chocoholics that they are, I of course got them the entire collection. I also got them some white chocolates.

Since K had a meet up with her friend yesterday, it was only B and I who went on our Mondate. Since he deserved it, he got to choose what to do and of course, we ended up at Tom's World.

Afterwards, we ate at Jollibee since he really wanted the Lumpiang Shanghai Value Meal. I offered to get him spaghetti, fries, burger, or chicken and he didn't want any of it. Weird right?

We also got him a new Word Search book and the Disney Magazine. He really loves his magazine. It seems he takes after me.

Overall, B and I had fun on our Mondate and I'm just really happy that even in simple ways, I can bring a smile to my son's face.

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