Friday, September 6, 2013


Finally, I got to try the much talked about Speculoos Cookie Butter and Crunchy Cookie Butter. After months of wondering what the fuss is all about, I finally had a bite tonight.

Upon getting home and realizing that I have not had a decent meal for the whole day, I decided to steal some bread from my brother and pour some Speculoos goodness on it. I took a spoonful of the Cookie Butter, licked, and was in heaven.

Yes, it is not some overrated or overly hyped cookie butter. IT WAS SO GOOD. Well, in my opinion it is anyway. It was sweet and creamy and smooth. It was something that I can eat with 10 slices of bread. Eeekkkk.

It's Php450 per bottle but for me, it was worth every cent. It is simply so so good! Go try it. I highly recommend it.

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